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Are there others with a more boring life than me???

The main reason behind choosing this text color is tell you how boring my life has become.Get up every morning,wash your bowels,eat and then watch TV for like eight hours is something i have been doing daily and am sure one does not need to be a saint to realise the fact that it certainly isnt worth of being given the tag 'Yo man,am going to do that again!'.its not that i dont have anything to do,certainly not because i hav my hands full with articleship{actually i am doing CA} and a sophomore year as well.but somehow,none of this seem to interest me,really none that makes my heart skip a beat.i want more adventure in my life,something that makes me go gung-ho about it and the best part is i have no clue what it is!am still busy trying to figure out my liking!i may seem like a retard to some but i strongly believe in the theory of jainism which emphasizes the fact or rather i interpret it that only when your time is good and right,shall you know your true goal and means for ac…