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Baby's Day Out

A resplendent morning,glimmering and shining,
Perhaps had rose to an occasion,known only to few but to him no doubt...
It was the day dedicated to me,the day he owed me for providing all that i came to know,
To know that i had pleasures unlike them,
To know the gory unknown that lay behind the mother's womb..
So i decided to put up a strongest virtue, to bless myself with secured future for countless lives like they say in Karma,
Being human that i was,selfish enough to do only things that realized a considerable profit...
Yes,to gain from a 'noble' deed,to figure out an uncommon deal,i visited the orphanage,
A place for orphans to be,for them to be confidently illiterate who know not any thing about them...
Society raises its ugly face to some,but for them who did not even see their mother's face,
Some discarded without being given the pleasure of a normal development..
The most basic requirement of all,sadly turned out to be a luxury for them,
Yessum,i visited that place to see…