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I be a man yet I say that, With sheer disgrace on my mankind When I say that, It’s just not me or you But chauvinistic men when I say that, Love women only for lust? How jejune when I say that; For ages compromising love for lust, Draining your fluid for the forceful fun Can’t you feel her pain when you fill your lust? Its foolish men when I say that What a coward piece of scribe When I write that; Can’t win her love yet play like a soldier; To what do you take your pride for? Is it even worthy enough to be severed by a brave sword? Pray, tell me you do feel shameless when I say that! I proclaim, am enough foolish, When I myself say that; For when I contemplate the unseen, My actions remain bleak. Though he, who writes and prays for all, Asks the providence for favor, for one for all; Do not make us foolish enough, Only to entertain our lust and desires! Love is what they ask and I pray for!