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For me, a paint or a picture,
none that is real,
relegated to a bench,
monotony is the new stench.
Judge; crisis!

A quiet insider in me, tatters, a little shy, shudders,
all that was true is all, for true?
The veil of hypocrisy unveils unfailingly,
wailing at sorrows that are none.
Create; bereave!

Silence is the new confusion,
torn apart by the age,
says a savage, bound by nostalgia of ages,
Wilted, wasted wanderlust in wonderland, for worse?

Pleasure preys on the thirst of greed,
greed is the new breed,
breed forms the unholy grid,
finally succumbs to the dreadful deed!

There unfolds a trail of paths searching for the light,
bigotry, lies are all it finds,
for there are many lights, those ones that delight,
oh yes, many, but none that claim to not provide the house of light!

All that discipline is gifted, or a practiced chain,
Sane, but banal for the bane!
Time ricochets backtracking shame,
Now flame the blame and hug the lame!

Insanity bred by insecurity,
turmoil that preempts disaster,
cacophony si…