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Future Belongs to Guerrilla Marketing

You are passing through the road with random people and equally random thoughts buzzing and an illuminated advertisement of a product stares from the road at you. Suddenly, a single glare on the product silences the clamor of surroundings and the entire focus shifts to the infant product on the road. Now, that is Guerilla Marketing.
 The advent of development carried with itself, the winds of civilizations, which gave rise to various needs and wants. These demands, paved way for broad scopes of trade and entrepreneurships. The call for every product to be heard gave rise to the concept of marketing.

Jay Conrad Levinson coined guerilla marketing as a term in 1983. The term Guerilla relies on the warfare tactics that the Cuban Revolutionist Che Guevara successfully employed against the Government and later the Vietnamese soldiers against the Americans in 1960. The methods strictly relied on taking the enemies by surprise and sabotaging their operations. Since, Guevara was fighting a gov…