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To Whomsoever it may concern!

--> Its been quite a while that my mind has procreated  thoughts which were sensible enough to be noted down on a screen which continues to create wonders in the globe.i blame a part of  it towards my obedient insincerity and the rest of it to the people.its seems to me that I might just get successful with  the career that I recently chose to adopt.i have heard from sane mouths that when people learn to rest their blame on deaf and dumb creatures around them,you are just good enough to take up a government job and I have done exactly that by choosing IAS as my career option. Leaving CA was certainly not an easy ordeal for me. Most people seem to take me as the most ludicrous personality they would have ever wanted to meet; more so because fingers point out that I didn’t even give it a try and I chose to leave it when  all  I had to do was seat in an examination hall. Of course to continue or not was the decision which should have found its place way long back.i cant answer the wo…