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Attitude, not just Jan Lokpal

All this talk of the Jan Lokpal Bill capable of eradicating corruption seems ludicrous. It is easy to initiate a change in the system but difficult to adopt it. Even if Anna Hazare succeeds in bringing the Lokpal Bill into the force, it is difficult to expect too much from it. Especially, in a country like India where the government is run by a mute President, an equally silent Prime Minister and his Council of ministers who are nothing but a pack of cards governed by the Gandhis. Corruption, since long, has been instrumental in destroying the functioning mechanism of a country. Needless to say, it is a disease and the Lokpal bill with all its benefits seems weak to counter it. Interestingly, the problem, in this case, is not the Bill but the mindsets of the people. Despite having elections at regular intervals, one rarely knows the person who is contesting in his ward. By voting for the same party for years, it seems, as though, each person is carrying his legacy. Although, now, it …