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Scribe on the beats of music with nothing on mind,
Just the normal vapors of randomness that surround the air,
Its just one room and one body to fill the vacuum,
As we plunge into the darkness of uncertainty,
Wanderer wanders and mind surrenders to endless possibilities,
Cognitive dissonance at its peak as it fights naive fears and deep-rooted insecurities,
Believe Ripley or not, believe in him for its the truth of wavering minds, sloppy visionaries and prickly personalities,
Two strangers, a worker and so also another fill the vacuum.
They seek a possession, not valuable to the wanderer which he more than willingly surrenders.
There is an eerie silence as they watch him punch the buttons endlessly,
Words drop every idea without developing none,
Its just a shameless chatter that creates unnecessary clatter,
Void, we call it, void, we fall for it, void, unnecessary void...
Back to bedlam of worries that we share all our life in search for a purpose,
Check...check...introspect but to n…