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Remember me......

Remember me.
Remember to remember me.
Every time your reflection creates a beam,
Remember me...

A gratifying face,amidst changing faces, hymning words, pauses and stares; everywhere.
Serene presence,on lazy mornings,night cycles, reveries; everywhere.
Seen glimpses,on dripping atoms, whispering winds, glistening rays; everywhere.
But it was only among deep breaths, pulsating beats; within me when I meant everywhere.

But, a schmooze on a dark day,
A blunder of owning the possession,
The burning desire to grab an occasion;
Left only with separation...
Due to nothing but a terrible showcase of bond and affection.

Myriads of memories, bondage of aspirations
Ripped apart in phony silence and stark resiliency.
Of remembrances and only remembrances,
As mere mirrors to heart but broken glass of mirrors...And a past.

Remember me.
Remember to remember me,
Every time  your reflection creates a beam,
For it will bear a colour, a shade of me!