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Shrewd loss

A few days before I complete another year and claim my maturity,
I wonder if I have gained or really lost anything?
Of all the gains, I find none of significance,
Of all the losses, there is one of regret, just significant,
To have lost the sheen of innocence, raped of its beauty, perverted by age and society.
Lost in time, lost; devoid of a rhyme.

Where do we find it?

In a wet bed, wet for various reasons, in a woman's lap, women for various reasons,
In my dreams, wild dreams for various reasons, for ever yearned love, love for various reasons.

There is nothing special for each is experienced,
In an effort to run and gain,
Haste proved such a waste.
Love! You treacherous wicked sport!
You claim innocence and yet play to win it!

All our lives we run for you,
Act like scoundrels to find worthy for your support,
Yet to belittle us, stamp and walk over, why, you loser!

By the luminous mornings, at the sight of a table and two chairs,
In a garden, on the rocks,
By the riverside, of th…