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Walking down the lane for so long, At times I realize am at the crossroads
Tears that know to roll down the cheeks, So does the babies that pour out of the wombs, The ink that kisses papers with ease, The only sun that knows to rise in the east                                                                                 
How do they know, I do not know; For all I know, Their roads they know;
Paths which lead to two or many ways, And those ways leads to one or many, Which road leads where, I do not know, In fact, there’s nothing I know
For all I know, I need a light That doesn’t bleak at times of fright, Sometimes to thee, I search At times, to you, my philosopher, my guide;

The search must go on, Vapid as it may seem, But with you I know, My feet will find its glee;
Walking down the lane, at the crossroads, Ways too many that I know, But in a person’s train or futuristic rays, I will find my way for all I know…….

Love you,Grandma!!!

Years, decades passed by,

The cute toddler made way for a grim face,

But there is one woman, who never felt the other way,

It is certainly you, my grandma

A teacher by profession, who taught with great zeal and fervor,

That I know when students come to meet thou,

Seek your blessings and make you feel prouder,

I know it is most certainly you, my sweetest grandma.

Has an amazing dexterity in her hand,

Whatever thou write is loved for its say,

None but your heart touched me in that blend,

It's none other than you, my beloved grandma

Prepares sumptuous food for me everyday;

As I try to neglect at times with haste,

But with a placid demeanor like that of a sage,

Calmly keeps my temper at bay,

And succeeds in filling my tummy, once again

Years, a decade passed by,

Everything seems so changed,

But if there is someone who remains eternal in every way,

Its so you, my dear loving Grandma!!!!