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Its been a long time since  my scribes have taken a shape of anything more than poems. I have always found poems easier. You can say a lot without being less sure about your grammar. But, its good to write something else, too.  
I just had a screening of 'Head-on' at home. Well, the thought of screening makes you feel so elite and niche! Anyways, a brilliant plot about two lives responsible for none and their journey to nowhere. I have always adored such movies. That's the reality! We remain so inconsequential in spite of the ordeals we go through with our loved ones. There is that one moment that we have bravely promised regardless of the tribulations and next is a sordid tale of time washing away those just like any other reveries. 
Move on...Mooooo like a cow  or meow like a cat,  move on you ‘mate’,  for there is no change,  until you learn to be swift. And Carry your tale! Forward I mean, Backward and you’d be ‘stale’mate!!
Its funny how words come easily once you start wri…