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BSE sensex hits bottom

The Sensex fell by two hundred points amid growing speculations of further fall in the volatile market. Starting at a score of 16362 points, it was close to 16162 at the end of the day. The abrupt fall has further increased the worries of the seasonal investors who are still reeling under the recession wave.
The continued degradation in the European markets coupled with the snail paced growth of the US market has already caused a major concern over the Indian financial climate. The fall in the ratings of Greece, Portugal and other markets have increased the instability of the investors who are extremely worried over risking their money.
The fall in the points has also been attributed to the rise in the inflation rates. The current inflation rate, which is close to 10%, has increased the burden on the financial aspect of the investors. This has resulted in the increasing sell-off of equities to ease the pressure and hence the robust fall. The inflation has also been accompanied by the…