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Suddenly i have lost the flair in writing and i seriously hope its not a prolonged effect.just chipped in to celebrate my birthday and to tell myself how i feel to be elder by one year.its strange,i dont feel anything though a bit excitement when people call me but that's it!its a quiet and a peaceful birthday like the ones i had over the few years maybe a mirror to my demure image and maybe i prefer to like it that way.its quite possible that this sense of celebrating has been embedded upon me from quite a few years.

But there are still diminutive changes in my nature which i feel have placed me on a more better platform to understand how the most part of the world functions.Unlike two years back when i almost spent birthdays cribbing at how 'close friends of mine forgot to wish me,this year the emotions were quite controlled.I had no hard feelings for them.Although i must admit there was a certain amount of lull inside me for the same but it no longer disheartens me that my…