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Quad circle

Its a quad circle I live in,
That travels back and forth only to be leave behind what I put forth,
Its a quadrilateral maze I live in,
travelling in squares, living in circles.

The epiphany is ethereal,
whether sickness that is subliminal, or pain but trivial,
So is my joy, euphoria as over as it started early.
Its a polygon that has caused its delight, joining four but seems four thousands!

Earlier, to my play was a symphonic delight,
Violin that purged and beguiled,
Now its the country music,
Mandolin that purges and beguiles.

I call thee, my mother, make my promises full.
I call thee, my father, make my payments full.
My sister, I call thee too for sweet tales and long discussions.
To me its a tale that's passing time.

A symphony of incomprehensible relations,
Musical quad that I love to live in,
Rhymes only when I would love to,
Otherwise, merely a circle that happens over and over again.