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A TREE can make up for the lack of OXYGEN!-FUTURE NEWS

Smit Mehta,
Reporter,Future news,3200

The residents of Dombivli,who had been to picnic in Yehur Hills were in for a state of shock when they stumbled upon an enormous piece of mass peacefully rooted in the ground.The residents seemed to be in a state of fray as they pelted stones on what seemed liked a peacefully sleeping creature.In the hustle,it is believed that many children lost their connections with the oxygen cylinders and had to be hospitalized for severe suffocation.The condition of the children is believed to be stable for now.On proper surveillance the police deemed it accurate to call the archaeological department for a proper research into the dormant being.
 After a thorough inquiry,the Department,seemed to have cracked the enigma and established the facts behind the origin of the creature.Its the first time in history of Utopia that the archaeologists have taken the help of the environmentalists and scientists to come up with what seems to be the the breakthrough of all …