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Life beyond living!

Eyes, they failed to meet the seen, Smile, that faded for they lacked the feel, Love, a question that hounded for an answer, a mystery! Words, a conquest won by the business interests over hearty feelings, Life, remained on Facebook, yet a book devoid of real faces,                                            

All of it, a Routine; a root with a route in search for the lost water, Maybe, for that Beauty, he expressed to all, yet couldn't name one,
Aroused and confused, he saw them in his dreams and fantasized to the hilt,
Yet, remained pure for, not a skin, he touched although blamed.
Bruised,at times and vented back with vengeance yet a misery for the actions
Alone, he fought bravely and he will,
In search of the signs of selfless belongings, the paths for honest living.
Amid those happiness and those bitterness,
For he wishes a hope beyond living, a life beyond just living...