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My will is beyond anyone's reach, even beyond mine;
My hopes are scattered in the oblivion, offering unsolicited sleep.
As I hear the melancholic mogwai,
I am thrust into a space of trance.
I surrender my soul, dance at no fright,
Happy at the journey that has been made,
Traversing several roads, waters and persons in the process,
We either talk about past, present or future but a question simmers,
Is there anything apart from this time? Is there? That sets everything apart or remains a confluence of three?
There is, a point where all three are one and that one a subset of all three.
That is my will.
The will to bring all three into one, to believe that I can make that happen.
That will will not surrender and will encourage me to break walls of weaknesses.


Sleep : A pure illusion of reality that focuses on dreams being true and helps them realise in a stationary state.
Sex :  The moment you cum, the moment you cherish the most, the very moment you regret for fantasizing familiar bodies to unleash the white blood of desire.
Books : An object of manipulated imagination that tells your favourite tale as it progresses.
Parents : Attachment by default and byfar, the most trusted souls that nature unselfishly gifts to most.
Religion : A way of life, a path to enlightenment, the medium of money, deity loving sport.
God : belief, faith, illusion, manifestation of hope, a science yet to be explored.
Friends : An acquaintance, soulmate, time-giver, a will to share journey.
Lover : a figment of imagination that drives your mind to insanity with each passing prospective lover.
Reality : Present, what I do now.Listening to songs, penning down careless thoughts, whispers of introspection, a travelogue of days without actually travelling at times.