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In search of the fertile spot,
We live, we leave,
In search for the best,
we bear, we pair,
In search of the art,
we stray, we create,
In search of freedom,
we run, we surge ahead.

In search of Oasis,
For the water that knew neither dirt nor salt,
For the destiny that turns gold,
For memories that never are cold, all good no flaws.

Such superficial spot,
Such high privilege ambitions,
Such a demanding pleasure,
Such a life is nothing but a lie.

But, such is such,
Its all within us.
We must walk, taking the good and the old,
Old but never bad.
Life is nothing but full of life,
If we shall sway, see love for life, living-beings and sway,
But for all and none for us,

For life is such
where when eyes meet eyes,
smiles must meet smiles,
lives must meet lives.
Two hearts must share one.
This is indeed life.