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Thankfully over?

Before i start ranting about all the things which deserve the least attention as expected from an 'Indian citizen' let me abase myself on how irregular and lazy i have become.The exams have got over at least a week before and by this time I could have easily immersed my pen for ravening writing sessions but alas!it was not meant to be.

The exams though weren't as good as they should have been but nevertheless, I had a wonderful time giving them.It gave me a hint of what I could have achieved had I paid even the least attention it deserves in my life.I have always been vocal about the displeasure about the way our education system runs and hence the sarcasm.Anyways, my college days have ended, unless the moderators,with due respect to them,think of putting me up for an encore.

Amid the chaos about India winning the World Cup,Anna Hazare fasting to get the Lokpal Bill introduced and many other scams that must have took place(We live in India,it thrives on scams) I bid adieu…