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Struggling to find a perfect sky

Just white and blue with no bird high

I do not wish to be

Just another guy

Deep into the woods

Lies the enigma of species

Where do I find my success,

Or is it just the miseries?

Trying to decipher the mindless heart

Actions that fail to synchronize by far

Several dejections in store above par

Wish I not be just the another guy

It seems am just not the any other guy,

For the problems I face

Have no solution why,

Unlike those for they who know why.

Some things in life need special attention

Like the sun who must rise to be worshipped for perfection

Like the river who must flow to meet the sea and then the ocean

Like the lovers who must love to complete their affection

They cannot be ignored although it’s the trivial things they do

And yet with their dedication and perseverance

The day begins like the one that wasn’t new

They earn respect for the quality devoid to me and revered to few.

If efforts are known to be rewarded with fruit

Then I must not be li…