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Why sky married the earth!

Plain.Plain, clear, complete blue with hints of white.
Dark.Dark, muddy, incomplete brown with more than a hint of black.
Up, above, rise and fly, like the sky, we heard, she soars high.
Down, below, dust and dry, like the ground, we also heard, for he settled low and lie.

Then why did they marry, you may ask, 'Why'?
Laugh, scoff at the proud sky, but care to ask, 'Why?'
Smirk, chuckle, you may, but do ask, 'Why?'
Ask, do not ignore but please wonder 'Why?'

For it was on that day, when the night marred her jolly.
Shattered her trust for even the dreadful sun hid behind the ferocious black demons.
Plain, clear, complete blue, she was then,
 But deep,dark, bleak and vicious black she was now.

Someone, somebody, something had suddenly struck her...
With a flash thin flickering light it crackled and thundered with a hint of blue.
Left no trace but a scar, brute and blunt.

She had been hurt.
Hurt by someone,somebody,something,
Struck by a chord; broken, sha…