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Words won’t leave me!

It’s a prayer; an order if thou feel so,
You are the only thing that me considers mine, After all the refuted chances, That passed away like they weren’t mine.
Honest I was, if that’s what thou ask my conscience, Passionate I was, if that what you need to know, Obsessed and simple I was… If that’s what my flaw was.
‘O Love’, I shall call thee names, ‘O Love’, you betrayed me and had fun on my name, ‘O Love’, laugh, leave if that’s what is left of my name.
Blame you, me knows its easy, Isnt it the same for you? I dare ‘propose’, Could you not look after me? You are cruel; shall I not ask you? Do you not mock at my helplessness?
The need makes me weak, Limbs move at a snail’s speed Ask me, I shout silently Feel, touch, caress, a cry faints while delivering the inner voice
Are you pretentious or am I to blame? Am I asking too much or it isn’t worthy of this fame? A heart remains unsatisfied, is that what you wish to tell? But, have you ever given when I asked? Instead you treacherously to…