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Moments of absence.

I performed a soliloquy of us talking.
You perched, poised on the couch narrating a story,
and me listening as intently as my ears can,
eyes stuck to your gesticulations for they might disturb your exercise.
Not a movement is made for your dear attention is at stake,
I dare take a breathe to live longer to hear the peculiar lady's tale!

The convivial has defied time but has revived faith in honest intentions,
the propinquity caved in to the temptations, that had been kept at bay for so long
have been surrendered to a lout, my lady, you want to make an ideal companion out of me?
How lucky could my luck be?
Pray, tell me, why you took a prime number when composites were never afar?

I performed a soliloquy of us talking in your presence,
for I made a photographic memory of our schmoozes,
for its those moments of absence,
for its these moments of presence.