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Is Green really the alternative for black?

With hours taking up to fill fuel, the rare-in-sight Compressed Natural Gas stations seem to be the perfect gathering for frustrated Auto-Rickshaw Drivers.
The rain gods are yet to be pleased as it is a typical hot and humid afternoon at the Shivaji Nagar Compressed Natural Gas Station in Pune. A horde of rickshaw drivers systematically organize themselves in queues in order to fill up the precious CNG fuel. 

A handful of barricades lie around the station to aid the rickshaws and regulate the traffic at the ever-crowded CNG pump. In addition to that, pair of security guards mans the Pumps, merely to facilitate a fair disposal of the gas. But with all the arrangements in place, does the traffic really move?
A few candid hours at the Shivaji Nagar Pump, one of the five rare species in Pune to distribute the CNG fuel and it is tough to spot if the three wheelers have actually moved closer to the pump stations. With only two pipes and an approx. 2000sq foot space, the line at the pump never …