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The white dwarf

An unlikely bond between a cheese and a chalk,
Like two indivisible primes, and yet like five and seven, came together to form one and two.
Dressed as wanderers and truth seekers in a place bounded by time,
lived a fairy tale of friendship and goodbyes.

We bonded over need, but in short time needed the bond to survive,
Disguised as travelers, sometimes, as connoisseurs of art,
performed different roles over a sea of tete-a-tetes,
I ran into a particle that left as a storm!

You described the journey in your letter and left for your destination,
Me? left with time but hardly any patience!

Now, I shall blame you for writing the better part and leaving me to describe the aftermath,
For the alluring moments and effervescent experiences,
for the enchanting mannerisms and exuberant mesmerism,
as also the despot-like attitude and frustrating spontaneity!

And you left! Like a wave that touched the shore and swept.
Now, I have none, a void you cleverly envisaged!
For this I blame, the times we…