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The Phase trap

As I grow up I realize we are growing up and falling down,
Sun that rises high and sun that falls down,
Waves gushing, waves surrendering,
Lives pushing, love dying, I wonder who all are winning?

But is there enough time? Tell me there is for I see no pause,
Its mundane, the dichotomy of living two faces while seeing none,
Not a moment's lore to hear the tales, the introspection to change,
Bearing me, its only me, who will find 'I' and only 'me'.

Its the 'i' tune,
Its 'my' book,
Hear that voice, hear ego tell,
Tale tinkering tragic trap.

Moment's silence draped by sulky dreams, broken beams,
Wind that passes by surprisingly, blows with fists,
There is nothing good for its obsessive to not appreciate,
For there is a fall, there is no rise, there is an 'I', where there is no 'Us'.