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Tasty blood

My blood is so very tasty
That it can warm your thirst like wine
It can unite you brethren to fight for my demise
Mobilize opinions and divide!

You fail to see how powerfully poised I am,
To be strong and weak at the same time.
Strong enough to withstand the abuse and survive,
Weak nevertheless to be hurt anytime.

Words reverberate the burning passion,
To speak of sickness and the subject of becoming a constant pain,
Delirious and senile, helpless and quite frankly, a concubine!
However, disillusioned enough to think about power in sacrifice.

My blood is so very lusty,
You would want to have more of me,
Beat me up and devour every piece you see,
Your love must  be so surreal, like your greed!

I am so very mesmerized by your actions,
That I rave about you to my colleagues,
Who feel your actions are just and well justified,
That I should be grateful I am worthy and my purpose, defined!

My blood's red,
Like the rose,
However, I never grew,
Once you plucked me.