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My Nostalgia

While sitting down on a not so bright morning to write something, I secretly hope no one reads yet gives me a source to pour my juvenile feelings. I suddenly reminisce about the moments which made me happy then and yet have the force to trouble me now as I write them. The surprise drizzling in the morning doesn't make my nostalgia feel lazy but on the contrary, it awakens me from my slumber.
My heart feels heavy as the hazy day reminds me of the time when my school reopened. I clearly recall having asked my mom, "Mom, why does the school reopen at a time when such a lousy morning is tempting me to sleep?" Quite used to my futile tantrums, Mom just rolled her eyes in disgust to the inane question, making her displeasure known. I immediately got up from my bed and began to think of all the possible ways of missing the first day.

I thought, "Its raining cats and dogs and am praying the providence to bestow its kindness on my feeling and make it impossible for the scho…