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Life,Surprise me

While walking a walk,
Grabbing a talk,
Snatching a pause,
Life, sure surprise me.

Madness breaks the monotony of mind,
Madness as is not normal, nonetheless normal,
Its simple, quite unnecessary
If you surprise me, life.

On a boulevard, I want mist, white froth,
I want my eyes blindfolded,
I want oblivion, I want peace,
But only if it surprises me.

I want many roads although I will take one,
Even if there's only one, I wish to believe I have many,
If there are many, I hate to see their destinations,
Life, hear my cry, surprise me.

Books, relationships, food, stationaries,
None off late provide that touch,
Lover bequeathed only a month ago,
The surprise is over, have you any new?

It doesn't matter, good or bad,
For I learnt they were just terms
Created wildly, stupidly
Only to spoil surprises.

I create, destroy, paint, bruise,
Mind seldom wrestles for a rest,
I seek happening, I seek not divine,
For me, the divine is happening,
If its a surprise.


~ haiku ~

Man born with no  purpose
Water, fire, earth, space, air and him
Its just him and none.