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Rhythm by noon

We are that weather,
Rain by now, noon by then,
Light absent, light present,
Still classified by the months they make.

She made a call, she touched my chord.
Clouds, they gathered, solemn yet bliss for the plants,
I know how it will end, but it must not matter,
What matters is what makes both happy, the leaves and the rain.

We don’t live in time, we love in time,
Says, the plant, dried by noon,
In life, we must enjoy not one, but company,
Like the wind, sun, cold and not just rain.

Its rhythm by noon.
It’s a thought pouring sun,
Its music calling soul.
Its rhythm. Its noon……

I thought I would stop,
Like the rains for they did,
I found my joy, I wrote still,
Like them, they found their mirth.