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“I seriously doubt Sushil Kumar Shinde’s ability as the Home Minister” - Arun Jaitley

BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) clearly seems to be the party in spotlight. With the Congress time and again showing its inefficiencies in establishing the law and order, it’s the opposition that the people are looking up to at the moment.  In a candid tete-a –tete, veteran leader of BJP, Arun Jaitley bares it all on raging issues of Anna Hazare, Terrorism, Anna Hazare and the political unrest in Karnataka. Excerpts from the interview.

With the recent untraced and unwarned terror attacks in Pune, how ready is the country to tackle such issues? India has always been the target of the terror attack. It is mostly the handiwork of the sleeper cells belonging to Indian Mujahideen, Student Islamic Movement in India (SIMI). These sleeper cells provide a convenient cover to the terrorists to strike in public places and create a fear apart from the colossal damage. The bombs that went off in Pune did not explode with high magnitude thanks to the dampness and rain. Had the bombs blown up in full poten…