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Opinions and to be 'part of the herd' opinions!

One of my dear friend posted a random image on the facebook page about something she strongly felt about, an opinion which was reflexive and evident of the image. It was followed by several likes and comments, some of which were nice and the rest not so nice. Those likes and comments too, reflected an opinion or an ideology, or perhaps an understanding that they had in common or uncommon. This was followed by a huge debate on who thought what on what grounds, each hell-bent to prove his wordsworth (worth by means of words), much to the amusement of the onlookers who liked random comments and boosted and crushed several egos in the process.
But, we all know, its a tough thing to put down. It will raise its ugly head every now and then as a matter of pride and satisfaction in being ugly. Now, to have several of those egos crashing down on each other's posts as if their intelligence would be determined by the vile comments they made and the ostentatious 'likes' they garnere…