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The Drink i enjoyed the most!

While i adjust the speed of the fan to suit me and my placid surroundings,listening to keith's tonight i wanna cry just makes me nostalgic.I know it sounds like a wannabe who's trying to be sensitive at the drop of a hat but trust me,this song wont least disappoint you.It just reminds you of all the sacrifices you made,how much you loved and got depressed in the process and all that you observed within yourself and went unexpressed.While i write about it i wish to share the joy of the drink of tango that i had just had now.I know its a really diminutive pleasure to have in this materialistic world especially if one comes down to quantifying the extent of pleasures which is often we have always indulged in,it is rare and ravening.Hence let me share this wonderful moment with you all in case you feel like sharing it with me and i mean both,the idea of sharing it or meeting me up to have one.

Unlike all days when i gulp the entire drink at one go to suffice my thirst today it was…