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Are you kidding me?

In one of the most bizarre cricketing instances the world has ever seen,England's Ian Bell was allowed to resume his innings after tea on Sunday in the second Test against India at Trent Bridge after India decided to withdraw a successful appeal for a run out on the second day of the match.
It all began when Morgan flicked the last ball of the 66th over to Praveen Kumar who tumbled over trying to field.
In between, the two batsmen thought it is a boundary and by the time the ball came back, Bell left his crease and was jogging carelessly, thinking it's end of the session but Abhinav Mukund took the bails off and appealed. Confusion prevailed when the umpires upheld the appeal and Bell was declared out. The English crowd, apparently furious at the ‘tactics’ of the Indians jeered at them. The jeering, it seems, bothered Dhoni to the extent that he asked Ian Bell to come back to the field, much to the amusement of the ones for whom the dismissal was valid. It is disappointing to note…