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Thai Thai to pain!

Thai thai to pain,
Thai thai to cry,
Poachers pry for a fallen star,
Like a thunder in the sky thai thai it went,
Thai thai it plunged and thai thai it bit the dust!
Now, now, will the poachers have it?
Its certainly not the star's land,
He's not amongst them yet he is amidst them!
Thai thai they ditched him, all on one, thai thai!
Tortured and tormented, them, his tearful toddler soul,
Ditched, dumped, drowned in doldrums!
Thai thai they famished and finished him.
Or so they thought, some. not all!
Nevertheless, it was a star, not reigning but nevertheless, a luminous object of desire,
Thai thai it grew silent, thai thai it lost its brightness,
Thai thai grey it was, thai thai brown it is!
Thai thai life's lost love, dear me, love left its bloody trail,
They filled their lust while he bit the dust,
Into the rut, in the earth's crust!
Thai thai hear me, will you,
No one will read me and him too,
Although as loud as a lion and as silent as a lamb his cry crowed far,