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Excellent Wallpaper!

Please don't blunder me as a hardcore insensitive guy who cant see beneath the picture but  there seems to be a small incidence behind the reality which appeals me to note it down.So these is how it goes.
i got a mail from a 'never-seen-friend' of mine on the eve of World Water Day and this picture touched me so much that it was quickly my new desktop background,the first of its kind one would ever notice.My sister obviously wasn't pleased  with this and interrogated me as to what kind of paralysed brain did i possess to meddle with such a filthy background especially when the earlier one portrayed the colourful chart of India's Industrial growth with smiling face of the Industrialists waving their way out of the pleasant atmosphere {that's what it seemed to me'}.now i dont blame my sister for the useless banter i received from her though i would have appreciated her giving a  serious pause towards my lone orphaned thought
"If one seems so hell bent on p…