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The Village Girl

I saw you striking the pose,
Or maybe you tried,
With those blissful eyes,
Pausing at the tiny device.

The cheeks burnt for the brunt of the sun,
Filled up with blisters instead of the smoothness one savours for,
But unfettered you were,
Least interested in what the skin did fare.

The lips smeared with rashes,
Trying hard to kiss one another,
But you showed no sign of grudges,
Perhaps being used to those nudges.

The hands confident of a striking pose,
That similiar to the city girl,
Perhaps even similiar the dreams,
O girl,can you reach the limits of  its beams?

The legs stronger than them,
But for the cracks edging out the toes,
Like a dry passage,
Reaching an undelivered message,

But, O Geeta,I fell for you,
For those mischievous eyes,
For that parody of pose,
For those blisters,so even the cracks.

For i found what i never found all over here at your age,
The pumping breast breathing for me in disguise,
Letting me smell you,kiss you and caress you
Like me your mother and you my only…