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The open secret

Do you know its colour?
That which resembles you or you like the resemblance.
Do you know if its a curtain of prayers?
Just hymns and sings as it passes by your veins.
I believe its love but it resembles none and epitomises beliefs.
Strange to call it a name, isnt it?
Is love a feeling or an emotion?
Do we feel the emotion or do we emote the feeling?
What comes first? Or simply what stays till the very end?
Is it then a memory? So then, love is in the air!
But is it not a virtue? Arent we supposed to acquire the quality?
So then, why limit it to one for we were born religious,
who said love is for all!
So if it was for all and not for few, pray, tell me, how does it remain a virtue?
Or is it that all possess love but do not share it all?
Then, it very well be wealth!
For we remain born misers by nature.
So is it a desire after all?
The desire to be loved, by one or by all?
Or maybe by one who loves you like all of them never could?
Maybe then, its a desire to be loved by the person w…