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Its about the idyllic girl whom I met in my college,
Who swayed with her heart and touched many a hearts.
Its about a feather who separated to fly high and rise till sky,
The cradle that bends a king never leaves its sheen,
Immersed it is, like a passionate soul, like a diamond's glow,
To call what is its very own, surrender to none, numero uno!
What else could one make out of her valiant combats?
Fate surrendered her to return her relationships, success and failures alike.

Ajlal, you conquer none but yourself with your incandescent smile,
With your blackberry fervid eyes, with your undying spirit and age like wine,
May you behold success and marry happiness,
Like another day, another year, as you turn remarkable ruby,
Like your melodious voice, a nightangle's lucid sign, like...
Like again and again I turn helpless to enslave your personality in my treacherous sport!