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The fringe of time

Threads woven with ever changing needs,
wants wanting with ever changing wants, the thread that separated needs from wants seem thinner than the thinnest of thoughts, the brouhaha over life that was supposed to give and take but never laugh for lover's sake!

The bulleh shah of love laughed at our love, for in happiness, we saw bliss, the childish nature to love some and to forget some, to address the needs, to demand the wants, to chase, to get first, to forget then
Where is your will, he asks!
To plant the seed and then let it grow into a fine tree, to nurture and caress it, further let it breathe free, of course lost while you gave up, your pretentious love and your pretentious suffering!

He laments, this generation will never see love worthy of love, for there is no love that retained the fringe of time, But, I, rock the boat, and I make an unabashed claim. I make a promise to promise my love, one love, forever.