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i must write often!

Well,more than anyone and anybody this message is meant for me by far.the reason behind putting it on board must contribute to the laziness to which i attribute my lack of writing to.though its certainly not true that i dont hold the penchant for writing anymore for whenever i perceive the things that i see,my mind acts as a pen and jots down the intricacies with ease.its just that when it comes to rubbing the keys,my lust for writing i wish among the thousand other wishes,i had a self-auto pen which felt what i wrote(i mean it,the words aren't meant to be mistaken) without the support of my hand?That would be such a novel deed to do for then my blog would feed itself from millions of words waiting to be digested into a nutritive potion.For instance,when i leave the house i wish to write about the pets,the milkman who delivers the protein with sublime success,the lovers oblivious of their surroundings,the falling leaves,the zephyr,my mother;the list just seems endless…