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‘I’ and ‘me’ in ‘you’

‘I’ would like to write for ‘me’
Would ‘you’ hear it while ‘I’ write for ‘me’?
The ferocious lions would dance with joy, Peacocks would battle to showcase their best feathers, It would be all gay; it would be blazing glory, Would ‘you’ be fine while all that gaiety is mine?
Forget the reasons, the simmering little conclusions, Its about the sky, its also about the earth, Its about the past while ‘I' foresee a distance in future.
Dubious is my scheme, so were ‘you’ with your choices, Little special that ‘I’ felt is a little ‘me’ in ‘you’, Unheard, unseen, broken yet serene. Do you know the power of courage? It is a win that was won without a battle, A hurt soul without a shatter. A conscience without a blemish, A respect preserved and cherished.
‘I’ move ahead and let ‘you’ live While the ferocious yet kind lions dance with joy, The peacocks taking turns to showcase their fair. All in mirth for all for me, While ‘you’ owned, but a little of ‘me’.
I thank the nature and the seemin…

Commonly 'Un'common.

Be cautious while comparing yourself with others.
You are not only demeaning your individuality but also insulting the nature's creation.
Do not let your ignorance build into a wall of commonality.