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Several faces i have known,
And ways to them i have shown. The way to feel, believe and rise a level high, Shall you not help me to help them?
Even, so it be, selfishly i ask thy, as you may think, Pull me up or lent me a heart to strike a chord. I justify my demand, its not unreasonable to claim, For you know i have been abnormal, right since I tried!
But, you shall console me to have given more than what i deserved for,
True, aye sir, how true of you, how demanding of me?  To meekly surrender to my naive desires, shameless to think of it!
SMIT, 'Wake Up, you wandering bird', you scream!
'There lies your way,  Deep down the water, right above the sky, Into the black hole, just like onto a Sun, There lies you way, Where nobody shall reach but you, But, 'o dear'. but first suffer your dejections and distractions, Accept your mistakes and if not all, Learn to move on for what shall be not yours only aim, Thats when you will be made, A perfect poet of experiences alb…