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A blind mirror

A feeling yet to sink in,
A thought hard to gulp in,
The thread that took me so long was the only one I tried to hold on,
What do we do in love seems unknown to me,
Illusion and hunger simmer over my forehead and all I feel is sweat.
Life has no love, only logic and sense of belonging.
We devise ways to possess their time but hardly succeed except for a few,
Love is a treasure, possessed only to few.
I pledge today, i shall not dance and cry for love,
Never venture out like a mad man to hold hands for I burnt mine.No regrets.
Its like a violin that does not treat each string equally, presses only a few to create rythym,
Its sounds painful and now I know why, for its the rest screaming for a union.
Myriads of memories struggle to detach your only soul,
Reminding you of the colorful pair that you made,
The seemingly impossible journeys that you made,
Blown away before time, and yet its time!
I wanted a great tale, a tale of two legends that fought all to be called the King and Queen,