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The radiance of lovehouse

Far far away where the light beckons for seduction,
It allures many, scares a few, darts the lucky fewest, remains unknown to rest.
That light twitters, illuminates, brightens too as also shuts,
It bears the ignominy of pain, pretense and yet remains the most sought pleasure.

One such light I have,
Its the only twilight I treasure.
It allures, scares, darts and yet remains unknown to me!
For thee I search, for thee must remain mystery, for you are bound; for its my duty.

Of all the experiences I have had, I want to remember this one,
I want this to culminate into a chain,
To be able to hold my head in pride when I am grey,
To be able to say; this was the true light I treaded!

If I had a sandglass, I would replace the sand with gravels,
That would ensure that the time sedates and passes with ease.
But for you, I must wait, for there is a hope,
for I know the light will meet me, for I have reached the horizon.
for I know its love.