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Busy week

little mama's boy is busy buzzing the exam bells just in case my followers are curious enough to wonder my sudden disappearance from the pages i have so often scribbled on.i am having my exams this week and will probably go on till the last week of the month though i would want it to stay forever mainly because it is the only time i meet my friends and our respective teachers in their classes,funny ain't it?there was a time when BCOM degree was meant to generate a lot of zeal and respect among the students but with the times are changing the values.
most of my friends repent the fact that they couldnt enjoy the college life though they are pathetic i suppose to crib so early when not more than a year is left to smell the college with the personal touch.if i ask myself the same question,it really makes me happy and gay to surround myself with the strange memories of living a life were i almost did everything,even the things i wasnt so sure of.the diminutive details of each and e…