Deepavali:The festival of lights

Around the town,across the cities

beams of light illuminate the 'mahol'

as people flock together to celebrate the festival of light

in the evenings one can see
rangolis on the doorway,
earthen lamps and diyas lighting the subway,
and firecrackers burning the most of other ways

and all those be forgotten and yet to be heard,
bringing something for their loved ones,
toys,goodies or simply the affable person in them to spread the love.

around the world,across the cities,
prosperous it seems with the gleaming lights,
And so Smit says in his scribe

"Light your soul too,
 like your country.
 Spread love and humanity
 with no bounds.

 Love,live and emerge to light your very own life"
happy and a prosperous diwali to all the folks,reading or away from my world


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