My search for meaning goes on.
With variables, scattered and atoms, gathered.
I see students going for a class, colleagues meeting at workstations,
all of us have a strange momentum to complete five days,
to live in oblivion for the two days of the same week.
Perhaps, we move to our shell, to find our purpose, sure!
I am clueless, unaware, naive!
Then to make matters worse, I have different types of purpose,
Larger, if I have made it! Smaller, if I have to say it!
That way, I would be seen with a purpose, bright!
I do my bit, here and there, but its all seemingly vain or plain.
How cultivated, falsely motivated, truly corrupted beautiful creation am I?
I log in, log out; sign in, sign out; look and overlook,
perhaps the mockery till the vapid waves find its stream.
I have a feeling I wont and I will repeat these actions till I burn; bright!


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